Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge is a ceremony for cleaning mind and body. It was given to humans in the beginning for that purpose and will never be anything else.

Vikings that settled in Iceland brought the sweat with them, or so the people who dig up the past tell us.  All around the country, at almost every house there stood a small circular hut a bit from the main building. Partly underground with a fireplace up against a wall where fist sized stones were heated. Animal furs were used to cover the hut while the ceremony took place and people got answers to their questions and clues about their path. Men would contemplate under a fur blanket, as is written in the old sagas. Descriptions of sweat lodges can be found in old manuscripts here in Iceland.

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From Grelutótti in Arnarfjörður after archaeological excavations. Part of sweat temple and oven.

When Christianity took over Europe and then later the Americas, sweat lodges and most if not all other rituals were forbidden and people punished for participating in them. In this country most pagan rituals were brutally abolished. Natives in N-America kept the sweat lodge ceremony alive by taking it into the woods and hiding it. They kept the sweat ceremony mostly for themselves until their shamans got messages about letting other races experience sweat and they did. Similar to what the yogis of India did when they paved the road into the western world for another gift of god, yoga.

Somp Noh Noh or the Cloud Man reborn the sweat temple in Iceland on May 19, 1991 at Helgufoss in Mosfellsdal with ceremonies and songs he wrote for this country. He was a Lakota of the Chukchansi tribe. He was a visionary and leader of the people.

GARRY JOHN RAVEN (MORNING STAR) came to Goðheima Svitahof in Kjós and turned the lives of those who live there upside down. Krummi was firm in his conviction that Icelanders had as much in the sweat as the natives who live west of the ocean.

“Go to your roots! Enter your blood and there is your sweat temple!”

He was from Hollow Water on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg, Canada he belonged to the Ojibway tribe, a plains aborigine.

How the cleansing of mind and body goes depends on each person that goes to the lodge. Humanity has a hard time releasing what is already gone and look to the things that are on the way, are in fact afraid of what’s to come because it’s unknown. 

The sweat lodge teaches those that dare and are willing to release all the way and trust that life wants what is best for everyone and everything, no less.

We enter this life as pure light. We are fully open and we just give love, we can’t and don’t know how to do anything else. From our very first breath we are being taught things that work against our light and everyone starts putting shadows over the light, protect us for the light that we are doesn’t know how this world works. Humanity has evolved us away from our true selves. What we call “I” is everything we learn. They are many and different each and everyone plays during a lifetime. Most mirror those who raised us though few will acknowledge that. This world is ruled by fear and greed. Humanity is scared like all the other animals in this world. Not many have the courage to admit that but nonetheless that is the way it is. We take on roles where we think others will not see our fear.

No consideration is given to what is best for each individual, everybody is put into the same roles and people’s talents are ignored. Our rightfully born freedom is ignored.

The darkness in the tent gives you a chance to be reborn. Leave the pain and disappointment, that living this lives gives us, behind. Receive new thoughts and desires. 

It helps humanity to wake up and realize that each and every one that travels this world is the sole creator of his own life. When this realization hits we get the freedom we are always searching for. Connection to our true self. Illuminate our light, our soul, our essence or whatever name we give to our true self. Most people are stuck in the material world, always craving more and more, their mindset is focused on what they lack. 

We search and search for what we already have, only have to open the door for this marvelous gift that we are.  Have to fly like the white raven who always flies alone. Step out of the safety which knowledge gives us and jump into the unknown. Only you can help yourself. Close your eyes and listen. Hear and follow your intuition and heart … then you will be touched.